GeekFam (Post PMPL SEA Week 1 Review)

Oct 03 · Moderator

PMPL SEA League first week has come to an end with all Thai Teams on top with some MY,ID and VN teams in the mix. IMO Thai PMPL has always been the strongest in the SEA, just that it's not casted in BM made it feel like alienated for us. (We always watch PMPL ID because it's in Indo which kinda similar to Malay)

But now let's get to the main point, GeekFam. GeekFam has been become champion in Malaysia for twice Currently, tying them up with Team Secret for the most championship won in PMPL MYSGPH. And despite being Malaysian favourite to win PMPL SEA, their performance is...Somewhat underwhelming...

Based on what I seen so far,GeekFam is trying to do a pretty extreme split gameplay which if a player get knocked,the probability to save the teammate is really low. Which is what Thai team can take advantage off,as they don't hesitate to rush when they knocked one enemy.

It might also be a factor that GeekFam, even though they joined SEA twice, they are still inexperienced enough compared to other teams (except SLD) which are filled seasoned veterans in SEA. GeekFam also didn't has to worry about their PMGC slot in comparison to other teams.

But in reality,it might just be the pressure that keeps piling up on them after their poor performance in PMRC which got them... A lot of "Good" reception. They had a lot in their back after an outstanding performance in country league and finals, they even giveaway some Jersey that wrote PERFECT 80 on the back to celebrate it.

Let's hope that GeekFam Fans stop expecting too much till they got too much pressure to play the game well, it's just the first week and there's three more weeks to go. I am sure Malaysia team can bounce back like they always do before.

What's your opinion on PMPL so far? Santai lu don't judge team by first week performance~

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