Dota 2 Player count spikes after True Sight & Battle pass release

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Sep 29

The Dota 2 Truesight and the ‘Coming Soon Battlepass’ have fueled a spike in the number of players logging on to the game. The game has logged a significant increase in the number of players, bringing it on par with numbers last seen in 2019.

According to Steamcharts, Dota 2 has reached 867,484 peak concurrent players in the last 30 days. The last time Dota 2 saw similar numbers was in June 2019 when there were 865,374 peak players. 

The number of average players also crossed 500,000 sometime in the last month, as per this post on Reddit. Dota 2 usually sees a spike in the player count around TI, but the overall trend has been downwards in the past few years. However, with the recent spike in the past few months, (more than 5% each in the last two months) has been more than enough to see Dota 2 numbers climb to near the top.

There’s several factors that might have contributed to the increase in numbers, but the highest impact seems to be from the recently released True Sight. True Sight highlighted the battles, the drafts and the players’ emotions as they competed in the biggest prize pool event in esports history.

The Dota 2 Truesight has received widespread recognition as one of the best esports documentaries. Despite not featuring a live audience, True Sight continued to capture the esports world’s attention with its focus on player emotions, strategies and in the latest edition – the draft.

Besides The International 2021 True Sight, Valve also recently released the Dota 2 Battlepass which has promised a lot of features. However, the general perception of the battlepass is negative as a lot of the promised features are still ‘coming soon’. 

This year, TI11 will take place in Singapore, spread across two venues over a period of nearly ten days. The tournament will feature the best Dota 2 teams from across the world competing for the glory of being the best and for a substantial portion of the prize pool. 

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