Mage Rafaela and shooter Rafaela compete!

molan is coming
Sep 25

What kind of Rafaela do you prefer?

I tested it out at training camp today, Rafaela's "support", "shooter" and "mage" versions.Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let me introduce to you~

This is the Rafaela of the shooter style. It hurts~ You can see it for yourself. A normal attack has 1400+ damage.And each time the blood is more than 500. The damage and bloodsteal are really high!

But the disadvantage is that it is afraid of control. Once charged, there is no way out. Therefore, the acceleration of positioning and 2 skills should be used appropriately.

This is Rafaela's continuous damage, which is higher than that of the archer, so it needs to be consumed very much!

But using the mage flow Rafaela has a very important point is to pay attention to keeping a distance from the enemy, so as not to be too close to the enemy to dislike me, and do not let the enemy go too far.

Which Rafaela do you prefer?
Let me know below~

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