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Malaysia team has always been regarded as the one of,if not the best in the SEA Region for as long as I can remember. We also has 4 official SEA Title under our belt 2 being from PMPL SEA (Yoodo Gank,Team Secret) and the other being Creator Games (Bosskurr) and 4 country clash (GeekFam).

But to see Malaysia team in the bottom 3 rankings for PMRC. That is really uncalled for, especially with all the reputation built by GeekFam in PMPL MySgPh Fall only to be at 13th on the overall rankings. Even my friends and I were too lazy to watch the game after Day 3.

Well,all things said I do hope that this is just Malaysian being Malaysian as the prize pool is kinda less for such big tour (Yes we love monehhh). And might just a warm up for PMPL SEA that's coming soon! Stay tuned for the daily PMPL SEA Post guyssss!!!

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