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Sep 16

We are back to another episode of a TI qualifier featuring bloodthirsty teams from all regions eyeing the coveted slots to the grand event. Teams are in the do-or-die mode and if history repeats itself, we’ll most definitely see some of the qualifier teams make it big at TI11.

If you want to keep track of all the qualified teams, you are at the right spot. A total of ten teams have already secured their TI slots after accumulating enough DPC points throughout the year. These teams earn direct invitations and won’t have to play the qualifiers.

The TI11 qualifiers are almost over with only Southeast Asia (SEA) and Western Europe (WEU) left to crown their champions. So far, there have been plenty of surprises and upsets in each region. Let’s take a look at the winners of the TI11 quals.

*We will update the winners of the WEU and SEA qualifiers.

Fans first witnessed a huge upset in the EEU region. Outsiders, also known as Virtus.Pro, has been one of the most consistent teams in the region. They were undoubtedly the favorites of EEU and they were in a strong form to grab that coveted slot.

However, they were completely annihilated by BetBoom Team, who stormed from the Lower Bracket. BetBoom showed incredible improvement throughout the qualifier, taking down Nemiga Gaming, One Move, NAVI, and finally Outsiders in a Lower Bracket dash.

Interestingly, the SA region sees a similar pattern to the EEU qualifier. Infamous was easily the favorite to win the SA qualifier and they too had an undefeated performance which brought them straight to the finals. Hokori, on the other hand, dropped to the Lower Bracket early after losing to Tempest.

Hokori were quick on their feet to adjust and they soon found themselves demolishing Infamous 3-0 in the Grand Finals. The team will arrive in Singapore for TI11, fielding 4 players who would debut at their first-ever TI.

The Chinese region poses a different story in its TI11 qualifier. Royal Never Give Up (RNG) has consistently been a step ahead of its counterparts and the team showed no mercy throughout the qualifier. They went undefeated and destroyed Xtreme Gaming 3-0 in the Grand Finals.

It is no doubt that RNG would bring high-level Dota at TI11. The team fields a star-studded lineup including names like Lu “Somnus” Yao and Hu “kaka” Liangzhi. The team also has a rising carry player from Malaysia, Daniel “Ghost” Chan Kok Hong who will make his TI debut in Singapore this October.

Soniqs, or previously known as Quincy Crew, has always been in the heart of NA Dota. It is exciting to see the team bounce back after a rough year when the team had multiple roster shuffles. Interestingly, Soniqs went a full circle to end up with Quincy Crew’s OG roster, except this time around with Adrian “Fata” Trinks as team captain.

The team had some shaky moments throughout the qualifier but they absolutely smashed it right at the end. Soniqs successfully delivered a revenge match against nouns in the Grand Finals, winning 3-0. We’ll be seeing the crew back on the stage of TI this October.

Here are all the teams that won the TI11 qualifiers:

The champions of SEA and WEU Qualifiers will be crowned on September 17th.

This year, Valve introduced the Last Chance Qualifiers (LCQ) to allow more participants in TI11. The 2nd and 3rd place of each region’s qualifier will enter the LCQ and battle it out in a LAN setting to secure one final slot to TI11. This will be one extreme, yet entertaining bloodbath. The LCQ begins on October 8th and lasts until October 12th.

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