Upcoming MLBB x Saint Seiya collab is a trip down memory lane for old-school manga fans

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Sep 09

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has actively collaborated with Japanese brands over the past few years. From the massive King of Fighters collaboration to the adorable Sanrio skins early this year, the collaborations keep coming..

Now, Moonton has given fans a sneak peek of its upcoming collaboration, this time with a classic manga and anime series — Saint Seiya.

The manga was first released in 1986 and follows the story of Seiya and his quest to find his lost sister. He is also tasked with finding a cloth worn by a group of warriors called Saints, the soldiers of the Greek Goddess Athena.

While there is still no release date for the collaboration, an unfinished event page is already available for viewing on the advanced server.

In the advanced server, three Gold Saints appear on the events page similar to that of the ongoing Kung Fu Panda collaboration in the original server.

Based on the event shop, Chou, Badang, and Valir will be the first three heroes to have skins. There is also a clue that a guaranteed Saint Seiya skin will be up for grabs in the first 10 draws.

The splash art for the three skins looks majestic in their shining golden armor. Seiya seems to be in the middle along with his fellow Gold Saints Ikki and Shiryu.

According to data miners, the collaboration will have a total of six skins. Pegasus Seiya and Sagittarius Seiya for Badang, Phoenix Ikki and God Cloth Ikki for Valir, and Dragon Shiryu and Libra Shiryu for Chou.

The other three splash arts and character models have yet to be released on the advanced server.

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