How to earn Dota 2 Battle pass levels?

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Sep 08

With the 2022 battle pass released and the community having mixed reactions, there are a lot of questions regarding leveling up the battle pass. There are some really nice rewards in the battle pass, but the question of how to level it up arises. So, here’s a quick rundown of the how to level up yours Ti11 Battle pass.

Each week while the battle pass is available, a new set of 6 quests become available. There are tons of unique options for quests. From Playing a certain number of matches to building specific items a number of times. Each quest has a unique goal and has 3 tiers too each, and every tier earns you a “star”. All the quests are the same for all players, meaning all players have the same week 1 through 12 quests.

For example in the 2022 Battle pass, there is a quest called “Nobody Needs to Know”. In this quest, you need to kill enemies after leaving invisibility. The quest at tier 1 only requires you to kill 3 heroes, once completed, you’ll earn a star and the next tier is unlocked. At tier 2, the quest requires you to kill 8 heroes after leaving invisibility, and then at tier 3, the kill count escalates to 15.

Completing each quest rewards players with 1 star for each tier completed. Once a player reaches 4, 9 and 15 stars, they can claim a set amount of battle points. These points directly contribute to the XP gained during the 2022 battle pass. The set amount of points are as follows:

Another way to earn battle points over the course of the 2022 battle pass is with the Cavern Crawl. The Crawl is similar to the “All Hero Challenge”, where players can explore a randomized “cavern” in which they can earn different rewards for playing certain heroes. With each Cavern Crawl, there are 3 unique sets for heroes for each path: Carry, Support and Utility. As shown below, there are tons of different ways to achieve the path to the rewards depending on which heroes players want to play.

Each path starts with 4 options each for players to pick from. Players have to win games with the Hero to remove them from the path to earning rewards. At the end of each path, the players can earn the specific set for the featured hero. The 2022 Battle Pass features sets for Slardar for Utility, Juggernaut for Carry and Crystal Maiden for Support. Among the crawl players can find different rewards or tools to help them clear the cavern.

Among the rewards are Style Fragments. There are 3 fragments in each area of heroes, and once all 3 are collected, a alternate style of the featured sets of the Cavern Crawl are unlocked. These alternate styles typically are recolors with added ambient effects. Additionally, throughout the entire cavern are tons of Battle Point rewards. In total there are 53 small chests that contain 250 battle points and 9 big chests that contain 2000 battle points. So if all chests are found, players can earn a total of 31,250 battle points (13,250 from small and 18,000 from big chests).

On top of playing the game, there are also predictions for the international that can grant battle points. There are categories for the Qualifiers as well as main event topics like heroes, teams, players and the tournament itself. A summary of each category is below:

The total amount, if all predictions are correct is 24,200 points which can really boost a battle pass. Plus, if you manage to get the tournament bracket predictions correct you’ll get points based off the amount of correct predictions. This escalates, starting at 100 points and 20,000 at 15 or more correct predictions. Plus, in previous years, if you did get the bracket predictions correct 100%, you get tickets to the next International.

And those are the 2 ways to level up the battle pass, through weekly quests and cavern crawl. Most of the time you can complete weekly quests while completing cavern crawl heroes. So, you’ll be getting those rewards pretty quickly. You can check out the full blog post of the battle pass here. For more Dota 2 content, stick around on

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