Another One For Malaysia!

Sep 04 · Moderator

After 2 days of SEA Play-ins, and 12 intense matches with teams from many regions. Finally the results are here....

Vampire Esports,TEM Entertainment,Don't Break Dreams Esports... Has successfully booked their tickets to the PMPL SEA League. Vampire is undoubtedly haven't lose their momentum from PMWI and TEM definitely the team to look out for after winning 3 Chicken Dinner Straight to get their slot.

All hope is almost lost for DBD in the last match after too soon,but lady luck is on their side when BTR and the teams below them follow suit them to the lobby. Good Try for THQ for getting really close to the SEA League after being on DBD for a few matches.

Now that Malaysia have 5 representative for SEA League, do you think this increase Malaysia chances to hold the SEA Trophy once more?

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