Mobile Legends Claude guide: Best build, skills, emblem by Cignal Ultra’s Hadess

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Aug 30

This article is part of “Professional Help” an ongoing series of tips and tricks from pro players on their favorite characters.

The fifth team to qualify for the ONE Esports Mobile Legends Invitational, Cignal Ultra defeated NexPlay Predator Solid 3-1 in the Philippine qualifier final.

As their marksman, Hadess carried the team all the way to the end, showing a deep mastery on all of his heroes, but he was especially potent on Claude, who is widely regarded as the best Marksman in the game right now.

Here are five tips from the man himself to improve your Claude game.

I recommend taking Assassin Emblem and putting a point into Bounty Hunter. When I get early kills, this emblem enables me to snowball quicker.

My choice of battle spell would be Retribution, mainly to avoid having my buff stolen from me. At the same time, I can easily last hit and secure objectives like buffs, Turtle, and Lord.

However, if the enemy’s draft has a lot of crowd control, consider taking Purify instead.

I often build the Demon Hunter Sword. I find that it’s Claude’s most integral item. Claude’s main objective from the moment all troops are deployed is to farm as fast as possible to get this first item.

Once I have that, I would then opt for Golden Staff and Endless Battle.

When using Claude it’s important to always have ten stacks of his first skill, Art of Thievery. This is because it makes Claude more mobile and elusive.

When you have maximum stacks, only then should you enter team fights with Battle Mirror Image and use his ultimate, Blazing Duet.

In the mid game, if you are able to get ahead in gold, Claude can start joining team fights. If not focus, your efforts on farming, taking objectives, and split pushing.

Claude can easily dive into the back line and deal great burst damage. Not to mention, when there are clashes are around objectives like Lord, Turtle, and around Turrets, Claude can easily burst these down very quickly.

If you’re absolutely sure you can win the team fight, go for it. If not, ask your teammates to create space for you by stalling the opponents so that you can take objectives.

As soon as Blazing Duet is up, Claude can start taking buffs on his own. However, it’s always good to have a tank with you as a safety precaution, especially when invading.

Claude goes well with Kaja, Khufra, and Angela because they all have skills that are great for catching out targets.

Also, Angela improves Claude’s mobility even more thanks to her passive, Smart Heart, where an attached ally gains the movement speed bonus.

Beware of counters though! Kaja, Khufra, and Chou are great at catching out the slippery Claude. Wait for them to use their crowd control skills first before entering team fights.

Even if you get caught, use Blazing Duet. If you’re lucky, you can probably take a few opponents out before you get caught, and maybe even survive too.

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