The 3 best heroes to counter Wanwan

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Aug 30

Whether it’s professional matches or ranked games, Wanwan has been a dominating force in the Land of Dawn. Despite numerous nerfs to her abilities, she still remains one of the strongest marksman when played right.

The Agile Tiger can also be considered one of the more unique heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, relying on hitting the weakness of enemy heroes she encounters in order to deal the maximum amount of damage possible.

While you have limited options if you’re facing a truly expert Wanwan player, there are still some heroes you can pick to at least have a chance of winning the match.

First on our list is a marksman who deals massive damage in the first five minutes of the game. Wanwan is a very weak hero early on in the game, and one way of shutting her down is to be as aggressive as possible in the early game.

If you want to go all-in before level 4, Granger is your best bet. He has a very high damage output thanks to his passive, Caprice. Bonus points if you manage to land all bullets of Rhapsody on her.

Once you set the pace in the laning phase and managed to stop her from snowballing, you can easily kill her in the mid-late game with just a few bullets. You can also opt for other early-game marksmen with high damage such as Bruno or Brody.

Next on our list is a tank we all know how to use, but only a few can pull off in high-ranking games. Franco is the perfect tank for setting up team fights and ganks all throughout the game.

But what makes him perfect against Wanwan is his ultimate, Bloody Hunt, which suppresses her in place for 1.8 seconds. Wanwan won’t be able to use Needles in Flowers as it doesn’t stop suppresses.

Wanwan is one of the squishiest marksman in the game, and an ultimate from Franco is usually an automatic kill if he his team’s core or marksman are nearby.

Lastly, a classic counter to Wanwan and other mobile heroes is none other than Khufra. What makes him so effective is his wide array of crowd control abilities that can stop Wanwan in her tracks.

Bouncing Ball is a great ability against the Agile Tiger. Activating the ability stops Wanwan from dashing and can also be reduce damage every time she uses Crossbow of Tang. To top it all off, you can build defensive items to further weaken her damage.

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