Runner up yet again🤔

Aug 28 · Moderator

SEM9 has finally qualified to SEA League after missing it for 3 Season. The first PMPL SEA Champion has not performed quite well in the country league for past few seasons but now they got themselves a chance to redeem themselves in SEA League (Although different lineup).

But the questions always linger in my mind....

Despite being the PMPL SEA S1 Champion, SEM9 never actually won the country league both the league and the finals (#2 in both League and Finals for S1 and S2,Now the same in Fall split). It almost make me thought it's a curse or something 🤔.

Anyways now that Malaysian favourite team has qualified to the SEA. Do you think they will perform well? Or it will be a repeat of what happened in PMPL SEA S2?

Give me your opinion below

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