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Aug 28 · Moderator

GeekFam is officially both the league and the grandfinals champion for PMPL MYSGPH Fall Split, the only time this ever happened was during PMPL MYSG S2 which Team Secret (with uHigh) did the same thing.

Now that PMPL MYSGPH Fall has ended,all eyes are on GeekFam to perform amazingly in PMPL SEA League. If they did not do so, I'm pretty sure that MYSGPH will be called the worst region in SEA as GeekFam is basically our best hope at winning both PMPL SEA and PMGC currently.

What do you think about PMPL MYSGPH Grand Finals? Is the end kinda anticlimatic because SEM9 lose early in the last match? Or did y'all expected it to happened?

Tell me in the comment below🤔

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