Kung Fu Panda Event(Details and My Thought about this... )

Naruto Namikaze
Aug 23

Kung Fu Panda x MLBB event is already come with some time already...
At first, I really felt disappointed with this event because Po skin is seem like 95% of the mlbb panda hero, Akai 🐼
(So why I needed to spend lots of diamonds on purchasing panda skin for a panda hero😒😒😒)
... EXCEPT for KUNG FU PANDA true fan lovers❤️❤️❤️...


My sad heart depressed again when I saw this, in my true opinion, it is really unrecommend event as just has slightly low luck chance for directly get Po or Lord Shen skin when drawing...

(General Kai will surely guaranteed in 10th draw in this event...)

For a small reminder, there will be two Kung Fu Panda limited tasks event to get tickets on completing tasks such as login to game, recharging dm and spend limited amount of diamonds😉
1st phase (27/8 - 29/8)
2nd phase (24/9 - 26/9)

Rewards of drawing respective draws &

As African players, we needs 800 jade crystals on exchanging one skin of Kung Fu Panda...
Emote, Effect or Chat Bubble can be exchanged also based on the collection hobbies of the players👀👀👀
(*African - means unlucky😔)

In this item exchange section, I recommend strongly on exchanging permanent use heroes which are Akai, Ling and Thamuz (Each for 120 jade crystals)

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