The 3 best heroes to counter Fredrinn in Mobile Legends

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Aug 22

It’s been only a week, but ranked players are already showing just how powerful the new tank fighter Fredrinn is in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

He is currently the eighth most banned hero in Mythic III and above, with a 26% ban rate according to MLBB stats. He has numerous crowd control skills in his arsenal, and his passive makes him an extremely difficult hero to kill in team fights.

If you’re having trouble going up against this monstrosity in the EXP lane, look no further. Here are three EXP laners that can counter Fredrinn in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Fredrinn is one of the tankiest EXP laners in the game right now, and is very difficult to take down in the laning phase due to his above-average defensive stats. If you want to dominate the laning phase, X.Borg is your best bet.

His first skill, Fire Missiles, deals true damage, which will shred Fredrinn’s HP in an instant. The hero also recently received a buff in patch 1.7.08. All his damaging skills now scale with magic, which means that you can build offensive magic items such as Glowing Wand and Ice Queen Wand, two magic items that work well against Fredrinn.

In the laning phase, prioritize Bloodlust Axe for sustainability before building Immortality and Ice Queen Wand, which will help you dominate the lane.

Thamuz is currently one of the strongest fighters in the current meta. Much like X.Borg, this hero also deals true damage thanks to his passive, Grand Lord Lava. He can harass the Rogue Appraiser by spamming his Molten Schytes, Chasm Trample, and basic attack combo.

If you can sense that Fredrinn is about to activate his Appraiser’s Wrath, immediately use Thamuz’s ultimate, Cauterant Inferno, for the increased HP regeneration and physical damage.

Prioritize items Demon Hunter Sword and Corrosion Schyte when you’re up against Fredrinn in the EXP lane.

Valir might not be an EXP laner, but his skill set is perfect against Fredrinn. He can utilize Burst Fireball in the laning phase to deal damage from afar. When the Rogue Appraiser gets close with Brave Assault, Valir can use Searing Torrent to push him back.

His ultimate, Vengeance Flame, can also cancel any crowd control skills, and is very useful if you get caught by Energy Eruption or Piercing Strike.

It’s all about creating space whenever you’re up against the Rogue Appraiser, and Valir does just that from the laning phase to the late game.

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Jules Elona  ONEESPORTS  2022-08-19 16:18:00
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