Riot Games partners with Tiffany & Co. to redesign the League of Legends Worlds trophy

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Aug 22

Riot Games has entered into a partnership with American luxury Jeweller Tiffany & Co. to reimagine the Summoner’s Cup. The agreement will see the company give a new dimension to the Summoner’s cup for the next few years.

The Summoner’s Cup is the League of Legends Worlds Championship trophy and one of the biggest trophies in esports. Riot introduced it in 2012 with Vietnam’s Taipei Assassins becoming its first recipient.

The new partnership will begin this year during Worlds 2022 where the first redesigned Tiffany & Co Summoner’s Cup will be presented to the winners. Before this, the new trophy will make its global digital debut on August 29th at 7am PT.

Moreover, Tiffany have designed and crafted sports trophies for more than a century. These trophies include the MLB, MLS, NFL, and NBA championship trophies, and several in Tennis. The company also teamed up with Riot last year to redesign the LPL’s Silver Dragon Cup. Although there is nothing to indicate the length of the partnership, Riot’s statement suggest that Tiffany & Co. will help to celebrate World Champions beyond 2022.

The new trophy will weigh 44 pounds. This is 26 pounds less than the original design, but lighter because of the use of more refined materials. The Cup will stand at approximately 27 inches and feature a modern design overall. The creative process took a total of four months by Tiffany & Co.’s expert artisans in Cumberland, Rhode Island.

Worlds 2022 will begin on September 29 in Mexico with the Play-In Stage. All 24 teams will compete for the $2 million+ prize pool and the brand Tiffany & Co. Summoner’s Cup new trophy.

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