Riot announce League of Legends 2023 Preseason updates: New champions, Jungle changes and more

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Aug 16

Riot Games has released its plans for the League of Legends 2023 preseason alongside more champion updates. The League of Legends Season 12 will likely end in November 2022, paving way for the new preseason in December. In the video, Riot’s lead champion producer Ryan “Reav3” Mireles and Matthew “Phroxzon” Leung talked about everything to expect from League in the future.

This includes jungle changes, new champions, champion updates as well as well as communication changes.

According to Riot’s Phroxzon, the 2023 preason will introduce major changes to the jungle to make it a more easier role to begin with. The first of these changes is improving buff sharing between junglers and laners.

The second will improve the proximity of buffs from junglers to enable them ramp up buffs more. There will also be a return of the Chemtech Drake to the rift. However, the new Chemtech Drake will only grant more damage and damage reduction and not revive players anymore. Moreover, the plants on the map will mutate and be empowered when teams slay the Chemtech Drake.

The team is also exploring other improvements to reward players who master the role.

Aside from jungle changes, players can also expect three new champions in the future. The first of these champions is a top lane tank named K’Sante who hails from Shurima. The arrival of this champion was earlier hinted in a previous Champion Roadmap.

According to Riot’s Reav3, K’Sante will introduce The City of Nazumah, a part of Shurima the game developers are yet to explore. The city of Nazumah is an oasis city state that pays no allegiance to Azir. K’Sante wields a unique weapon made from a slain moster which gives him several ways to attack

Furthermore, asides from K’Sante, players can expect a Darkin champion. The Darkin champion will be an assasin housed inside a possesed dagger. Lastly, there will also be a male enchanter from Ixtal. The champion is currently in early development and it will show the commoner’s side of Ixtal.

Riot will also continue mid-scope updates with Neeko and Syndra becoming the latest champions to get these upgrades. Mid-scope updates were introduced earlier in 2021 with the updates to Xin Zhao. These updates provide partial updates to champions and give them a more strategic place in-game. It also includes adjustments on the champion’s kit to improve their game play and increase their presence on the map.

Furthermore, the mid-scope updates are not to reshape a champion’ss visuals theme or gameplay like VGU. There wiill also be changes to Aurelion Sol CGU visual ti enhance the champion’s dragon theme.

Additionally, the League of Legends 2023 preseason will introduce communication and vision system updates in game to match modern standards.

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