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Aug 14

Polish AWPer Olek “⁠hades⁠” Miskiewicz has been moved to ENCE’s inactive roster, the Finnish organization announced on Friday. The move marks an end to Hades’ 15 month stint with the lineup. According to an HLTV.org report, the team is set to bring in Alvaro “SunPayus” Garcia as his replacement.

The team started off 2022 in red-hot form following the addition of Maden. But towards the end of the season they started to slow down with less than stellar results in the final few events of the season. FaZe and NaVi have gone into the break, as the best teams in the world. And ENCE is looking to catchup especially in the light of Spinx’s move to Vitality being close to done.

Hades initially joined ENCE as a stand-in back in May 2021. Aleksi “Allu” Jalli, the legendary Finnish sniper took a step down from the roster, opening up the AWPer spot. And with stellar performances at Funspark ULTI Europe Playoffs and ESL Pro League Season 14, his place on the roster was made permanent.

Over his 15 month period on ENCE, the team peaked at number 2 in the world. While Hades showed great performances at IEM Katowice and ESL Pro League Season 15, as the season came to a close we saw a number of poor performances on the big green.

For a team that is punching well above their weight, they needed Hades’ impact on the AWP to truly succeed. And with the Pole unable to alleviate the weight on Spinx’s shoulders, the team struggled at events like BLAST Premier Spring Finals and IEM Cologne.

According to a report by HLTV.org, SunPayus is the replacement that ENCE is targetting. The primary AWPer of Movistar Riders has been a stellar performer for his team. Often nicknamed “The Spanish Device”, his style of AWPing is perfectly defined as a replication of the immensely successful Nicolai “Device” Reedtz.

With such a consistent style of AWPing, some believe he’d be the perfect fit in a Spinx-less ENCE. The team is unlikely to find a replacement of Spinx’s calibre. So an enhanced emphasis on consistent performances across the board could be the direction for the team. Something that would fit perfectly with SunPayus’s style.

Will SunPayus be the final replacement for Hades? Will sAw be succesful in finding another diamond in the rough? We’ll have to wait till BLAST Premier Fall Groups to find out.

ENCE’s Current Roster:

Arnav Shukla  ESPORTS.GG  2022-08-06 04:21:00
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