BOOM esports is the 9th team to qualify for The International 2022

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Aug 12

The series between BOOM Esports and Team Liquid is a big one, the winner qualifies directly to The International 2022. The SEA pride in BOOM faces one of western Europe’s most accomplished organizations in Team Liquid.

For the opening interview Rolen Andrei “skem” Gabriel Ong once again reiterates that they tried to learn as much as possible from the PSG.LGD match, he then shows great respect to his opponents.

Aydin “iNSaNiA” Sarkohi poked fun at himself and referred back to his “gyrocopter” pick during The International 2019. Both players ended their interviews by showing respect to the other team.

The laning stage ends pretty evenly, but BOOM takes more control of the map. A big factor in the map domination from BOOM is Chen. Making BOOM’s heroes incredibly tanky, and able to do massive amounts of damage to Liquid. The five-man of BOOM seemed unstoppable for Liquid as they kept on evading, waiting for the Aegis of the Immortal on Chaos Knight to run out. Both teams went back and forth, with neither team pulling very much ahead. BOOM took down the middle melee barracks of Liquid – but they lost two heroes doing it. The net worth is still practically even, though Liquid is inflated by Alchemist’s innate ability to get extra gold.

As Liquid got a lucky Roshan spawn, they started knocking on BOOM’s high ground. But after Liquid takes down the barracks of BOOM a fight breaks out. BOOM won the team fight and started barreling down Liquid’s lanes. A long fight starts in Liquid’s base and BOOM kill the Alchemist who just bought back. Liquid called “good game” and BOOM is one game away from securing their slot to The International 2022!

Liquid picked up what seems to be the hero of the tournament, Puck as their last pick, and BOOM responded with a Void Spirit. Dotabuff shows that Puck has been picked in 47 % of the matches, boasting an impressive 63 % win rate. Once again the lanes end up even between these two teams, showing just how equal they are in mechanics. The five-man of Liquid is too strong for BOOM. Liquid group up and take the radiant safe lane tier 2 at minute 14. Puck dominated the game, getting key kills in favor of Liquid. At minute 21 Liquid breached the high ground – killing the bottom barracks. Liquid played clean dota. Liquid with their five-man was unstoppable for BOOM. BOOM call good game at minute 26.

BOOM esport started strong, winning every lane and amassing a quick gold lead. The game slowed down a lot, with BOOM being able to farm more efficiently. BOOM started knocking on Liquid’s high ground at minute 22 but backed off before getting the tower. The game was all about evading for Liquid, while BOOM farmed most of the map. A very passive match for most parts. Armed with an Aegis of the Immortal on Juggernaut BOOM take the top barracks. BOOM played this game with great composure – never going for a bad fight. BOOM finds a kill on Terrorblade who just bought back and can go for Liquid’s throne. The game ends with BOOM killing Liquid’s throne. BOOM is going to The International 2022!

Vegard Krogdahl  ESPORTS.GG  2022-08-11 12:34:00
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