The anticipated duel between ana and Ceb is cut short as OG takes down RNG in just 12 minutes

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Aug 11

Fans rejoiced as they got to see long time friends and former teammates ana and Ceb going head to head for the first time in history. Sadly, the moment was cut short when OG showed no mercy and decided to take RNG down in record breaking times. OG defeated RNG in just 23 minutes in game one and a whopping 12 minutes in game two.

Ana stood in for RNG in place of their carry player Daniel “Ghost” Chan Kok Hong while Ceb once again returned to stand in for their support Mikhail “Misha” Agatov. Needless to say, fans went wild as they were gifted a precious walk down memory lane.

This was not the first time ana faced the new generation of OG. Prior to Arlington Major, he stood in for Team Liquid at the Gamers8 Riyadh Masters. Ana and Team Liquid fell short and conceded a 0-2 to OG. Unfortunately, his fate did not change much in his rematch at this Major. The only difference was Ceb got to enjoy beating his good friend and ex-teammate.

The cherry on top of this cake of a match was that Ceb re-visualized OG’s glory (or “troll-y”) days in TI9 by body blocking ana to his death, taking a sweet revenge on behalf of Johan “N0tail” Sundstein.

The OG and RNG group stage series went by quick, cutting ana and Ceb’s screen time far too short. In game one, OG finished off RNG within 23 minutes with a total kill score of 20. Bzm contributed seven of those kills whereas Yuragi contributed six. Even though ana’s Templar Assassin had the second highest net worth among all the players, he did not have enough to help keep his team afloat.

The second game will be talked about for a very long time as OG delivered one of the fastest take downs in the history of Dota. In just 12 minutes and 34 seconds, RNG decided to tap out of the game. Unlike in game one, ana played one of his signature heroes, Phantom Lancer. In fact, it was this hero that led OG to a victory against some of his current teammates during the TI8 grand finals versus the old LGD.

Perhaps Ceb knew exactly how to handle ana’s PL as OG anticipated RNG placing ana and Chalice at the offlane. Ceb, who was playing Io, went to the safelane along with Ammar’s Monkey King, exerting pressure against the PL. At the end of the game, ana’s final score was 0-5 and he had the same net worth as Ceb which was 3k.

Despite the devastating loss against OG, RNG is shaping up quite nicely thus far at this Major. They are currently 2-3-1 with seven wins and five losses, placing them second. Meanwhile, OG still has a lot of catching up to do. With a 1-3-1 score, OG currently sits on fifth place. If the two teams do well in their subsequent games, they will certainly be able to make it to the playoffs.

Devin Soetjipto  ESPORTS.GG  2022-08-07 08:31:00
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