The 3 best heroes to counter Clint in Mobile Legends

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Jun 16

Clint is currently one of the most-picked marksman heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Known for his insane early damage, the West Justice counters nearly every marksman in the laning phase of the game.

His first skill, Quick Draw, is one of the most lethal harass skills in the game. Chances are that you’ll have to tower hug in the first five minutes of the game when you’re up against him in the laning phase, at least until backup arrives.

A skilled Clint player can give anyone a hard time in ranked matches, but there are ways to counter-pick against him. Here are three heroes who can give you a good chance against the West Justice.

Beatrix is the most popular marksman hero right now, and with good reason. She has four different guns that cater to different situations, making her a solid flex pick in the game.

Against Clint, Beatrix can go with her sniper rifle, Renner. The range of the gun allows her to deal damage from afar, avoiding Clint’s skills, which have a much shorter range. If he gets close, Beatrix can simply dash away with Tactical Reposition.

However, Beatrix creates more of a skill-based matchup. Hitting an enemy with Renner does take a bit of practice, but she’s the best option you’ve got if you’re going up against Clint in the gold lane.

Harley is the most annoying mage to play against, especially if you are a marksman who has little to no mobility. Clint doesn’t have any reliable dash skills, making him vulnerable to Harley’s Deadly Magic and Poker Trick combo.

If the cowboy tries to fight back, Harley can teleport away with Space Escape. One good way to tackle Clint is to use Harley’s Deadly Magic ultimate in combination with Poker Trick and Space Escape.

Deadly Magic casts a ring of fire on an enemy hero, which will remain for four seconds. Once the ring’s duration is over, the affected hero will lose health based on the damage Harley and his allies inflict during its duration.

Harley can cast Space Escape to get close, use Deadly Magic and Poker Trick to inflict burst damage, then return to his original position again with Space Escape. This is almost always a sure kill unless the enemy hero builds Winter Truncheon, which is hardly recommended for a marksman hero.

Belerick is the tank you don’t want to face if you rely on basic attacks. The Guard of Nature is a walking Blade Armor with his passive, Deadly Thorns, which releases thorns around him that deal damage every time he receives damage.

His first skill, Ancient Seed, also taunts enemies caught in the area. If you are up against Clint, building Blade Mail and Antique Cuirass are enough to give him a hard time when dealing damage. Belerick may not be a top-tier pick in the current meta, but he remains a strong choice against heroes with high attack speed and damage like the fast-shooting gunslinger.

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