The 3 best heroes to counter Beatrix in Mobile Legends

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Jul 29

Beatrix is a marksman in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang who has a complex skillset that gives the player a lot of options no matter what the enemy lineup is.

As such, it’s very likely that you’ll face off against a skilled Beatrix player in your ranked matches. How do you counter pick her in the laning phase? Here are three heroes that stand a chance against the Dawnbreak Soldier.

Natalia is an assassin who gives squishy heroes a hard time in the Land of Dawn, and this includes Beatrix.

First off, Natalia’s kit naturally gives her high mobility, which is beneficial against guns Renner and Bennett.

Natalia’s simple combo of Claw Dash and the Hunt is enough to burst down Beatrix. The Dawnbreak Soldier will be long gone before she can even fight back.

If you are not comfortable playing assassin heroes, you can opt to play as a marksman instead, for Clint is a good choice against Beatrix. While he doesn’t have the same mobility as Natalia, he makes up for it with tons of damage that can easily decimate a Beatrix to pieces.

In the early game, Quick Draw is a very effective poke skill, and a kill is almost imminent once Clint reaches level 4 thanks to Grenade Bombardment.

Mobile marksman heroes such as Wanwan and Karrie might be effective at dashing around her and avoiding some of her guns, but Clint actually doesn’t need to do that since his early game damage is very high.

Lancelot is an assassin who has the necessary firepower and kit to help him avoid every single Beatrix ultimate.

All of Lancelot’s skills have dashes which negate many of Beatrix’s skills. Bennett’s Rage, Nibiru’s Passion, and Renner’s Apathy can be avoided with Thorned Rose or Phantom Execution, so in a 1v1 situation, Lancelot is almost guaranteed to win.

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Jules Elona  ONEESPORTS  2022-07-29 10:00:00
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