Everything to know about Amazon EU Masters: 3 seeds for NLC

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Jul 28

The Amazon European Masters is back for Summer 2022 with new rules and dates. The tournament will hold from August 24 to September 25 with 28 teams from across Europe in attendance. The Amazon EU Masters is the most prestigious tournament for teams in Europe’s Regional Leagues. It gives ERL talents the opportunity to showcase their talent on a more competitive level and become the best in Europe.

LFL’s Karmine Corp has won the EU Masters three times in a row and will hope to qualify for playoffs to defend their title once more.

Here are the key dates for the 2022 Amazon EU Masters:


Main Stage

The summer 2022 Amazon EU Masters will see the NLC field three teams for the first time. The region consists of UK and Nordic teams and previously had only two slots in spring. Now, NLC will have its top two teams in the main stage while the third team will qualify for Play-Ins. According to Riot, the changes in slot distribution for this summer’s EU Masters were based on each ERL’s performance from earlier seasons following spring 2022.

NLC teams put on a decent performance in the spring Masters with their two representatives making it to the quarterfinals. However, the league’s summer split has been quite competitive with Dusty, JD|XL, Riddle Esports, Astralis Talent, Bifrost and X7 Esports all vying for the top spots in the playoffs.

Meanwhile, the Greek Legends League will no longer have a main event spot as their two teams will begin from the Play-Ins.

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