Look at me! I’m the Captain Chrono Natan now!

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Jul 28

The intelligent, brilliant, erudite Spacetime Walker has always lived up to his reputation in the realm of science and magic, and wears a monocle in all his previous Mobile Legends: Bang Bang skins.

Since his release in September 2021, he’s had two, Time Wielder and Chaos Hunter, that features white and black haired versions of himself.

Now with Captain Chrono Natan, that’s all about to change. The August Starlight exclusive skin portrays a young Natan without eye accessories, which just makes him that much hotter.

He also adorns colors that match his budding youthfulness, wearing a striking red armored jacket — a contrast to his usual cool blue hue.

Stepping out from the past, the young, dashing Captain Chrono Natan still bears his trademark voluminous thick hair, this time dyed midnight blue.

Instead of a professor-inspired suit, he wears an armored jacket with thick yellow and white shoulder pads that accentuate his slim waistline in this futuristic getup.

Instead of the default skin’s blue particles, all of Captain Chrono Natan’s skill effects have been recolored to match his double coattail outerwear.

Shining bright in neon orange, he looks like he’s giving out sunsets with every basic attack. When his ultimate, Entropy?, is cast, the digital clone appears as a dark orange shadow of himself.

August’s Starlight perks also comes with a dashing statue and cute anime emote of Captain Chrono Natan.

If you’re not a marksman main, previous Starlight skins are also available in August’s Starlight perks: The Insentient Aldous, Cyber Ops Gusion, Strawberry Parfait Chang’e, and Apocalypse Franco.

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Amanda "Tania Mae" Tan  ONEESPORTS  2022-07-25 14:22:00
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