EG defeat Quincy Crew to force three way tiebreakers for Arlington major slots

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Jul 19

In a battle to determine the fate of NA Dota, Evil Geniuses have triumphed over Quincy Crew. This match would determine if EG would be knocked out of contention, or play tiebreakers for the major slot. In a do or die moment, EG came out in the clutch and swept Quincy Crew. Game one was very quick, but game two was a back and forth game of skill and counter-play.

In game one, Quincy Crew opted for a very strange draft. In typical Adrian “Fata” Trinks fashion, he picked a position five Sven, a traditional carry. They also went for a an unpopular Troll Warlord pick for Yawar “YawaR” Hassan. EG went for a more traditonal draft, but with non-meta heroes. They picked Luna for Artour “Arteezy” Babaev and Dazzle for Tal “Fly” Aizik.

The early game was very slow, with no first blood in the first ten minutes. In fact, Quincy Crew’s mid tower fell before first blood. The laning stage did however fall in EG’s favor and coasted them to a 2k gold lead. EG continued to oppress Quincy with their fast paced Lycan draft and took tower after tower. Quincy’s lineup couldn’t seem to get on track the whole game and EG cleaned them up to take game one.

Both teams went for some switch-ups in game two. EG opted for a mid Mars for Abed “Abed” Yusop and an offlane Death Prophet for Egor “Nightfall” Grigorenko. Quincy again went for a strange draft with a position five Razor and an offlane Tiny for Rodrigo “LESLÃO” Santos. The early game went slightly in favor of Quincy Crew with two deaths on the Arteezy Nature’s Prophet. EG however reacted quickly to get quick kills on the Quinn “Quinn” Callahan Zeus pick.

Abed seemingly carried the team with his clutch pickoffs with Mars. In one play, he stole both the Rosh kill and the Aegis to put EG in a great position to win. After a clutch team fight, precipitated by a jump from LESLÃO, Quincy catapulted themselves back into the game. Though they were able to get the next Aegis, EG caught out YawaR and Quinn and forced a couple buybacks. After another clutch pick off onto Quinn, EG were able to abuse the death timers of Quincy Crew and take the game to 2-0 Quincy Crew.

After the match, talent caught up with team captain Fly. Ted “PyrionFlax” Forsythe first asked if Fly felt that the team had played very clean Dota. Fly responded that “they definitely had a good plan coming in. The first game was obviously pretty simple. The second game was very close, I think both teams, could have taken it, but we had a good plan and I’m glad we stuck by it.”

Pyrion next asked how it felt to now have to play tiebreakers. “It’s a very stressful situation to be in. nobody wants to play Bo1’s. It’s a very stressful think to think about.” He continued on saying “we’re just trying to focus on our own thing. I know a lot of people say, that but it does truly work when you just focus on your own plan and just improve yourself and try not to get into your own head. Everybody’s feeling the same way, like the other two teams are saying ‘man we got to play Bo1’s again.’ Everyone’s feeling the same thing, you just gotta go in with a clear mind and do your best!”

Next, Neal “tsunami” Khandheria asked Fly about the decision to put Abed on the Mars. Fly said: “Abed is a flexible player and obviously Igor plays a great Mars, so we just saw an opportunity where we could put him, mid this game. Maybe another game it could have been offlane. this is the hero that you put in multiple roles. I play it too! Tsunami then followed up about the carry Nature’s Prophet pick. Fly said that “there are some teams that play Prophet like Boom, and in CIS.

I do think that the hero has potential and we just had this plan going in. I just feel that this hero has potential throughout the entire game. He can push out waves, he can still carry the game, connect to early fights. I think it’s a really cool hero. Like you said, it carried us really far in the Animajor, it brought us to the finals. We did get 3-0d but that aside, I don think it’s something we are very comfortable playing and our core plays a very good Prophet.

Mira “Ephey” Riad next asked if Fly felt that there were unconventional position five heroes that deserved more play. Fly responded “yeah, I think right now in drafting people have evolved so much over the years. Everyone’s just trying to mess with each other in the draft.” He explained: “They’re hiding all these heroes and which positions they’re in. For example, Lelis played Enchantress in pubs at some point. Maybe it’ll be Lelis playing the Ench.

We called the Fata Razor, that guy likes his Razor, but I do think there’s a lot of potential and that there’s a lot of undiscovered things that people haven’t done yet. I really got to show Dazzle today but there’s some other things that people haven’t seen yet. I do think that’s just the evolution of drafting in general.

Ephey then asked where the team draws the line at playing a weird hero for a role. Fly said: “I think it all depends if you can see the purpose of it in the game. That game (game one), I’m not sure what the Sven was about. I didn’t really see the reason, why they picked it. He (Fata) had a different idea and it didn’t work out. Maybe next time it’ll work out.” He concluded: “So I think if there’s a reason a player wants to play it in the game and showcase it, that’s fine. It doesn’t always look good.”

Christian Decker  ESPORTS.GG  2022-07-14 06:28:00
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