Team Spirit defeats BetBoom to lock down the entire EEU DPC Tour 3

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Jul 19

Team Spirit has taken down BetBoom Team to potentially lock up the EEU DPC without tiebreakers. We now know for sure which teams from the region will be headed to the Major, and which are headed home. Team Spirit’s 2-1 defeat of BetBoom on July 14th was the last piece of the puzzle needed for us to have our answers about the division. 

In three close matches, with BetBoom desperately battling to create a tiebreaker situation, Team Spirit were able to claim victory. But this wasn’t without hardship. BetBoom absolutely pushed Team Spirit to the limit, in a showing not unlike their other narrow defeat against Outsiders on July 10th. 

In game one, the game in which Team Spirit looked most confident, Illya “Yatoro” Mulyarchuk’s Sven took command of proceedings. The demonic swordsman was able to stay in control of his farm and turn into the late game monster that was unstoppable. But this wasn’t without hiccups. Alexander “TORONTOTOKYO” Khertek’s Void Spirit struggled in mid against Denis “Larl” Sigitov’s comfort pick Puck. Two deaths in lane at eight and ten minutes suggested BetBoom had more bite than expected, although Void was able to survive until Sven was just too powerful to control.

Game two is where things started looking bad for Team Spirit. A slight defeat in lane in game one, turning into a stomping in game two. If you’ve ever wondered why people are always asking for Puck nerfs, take a look at this game. Larl dominated in lane, and then started moving around the map, picking up kills everywhere else. What’s more he was basically unkillable. A crucial team wipe at the 28-minute mark all but sealed the game. However, some misplays almost allowed Team Spirit back in the game. After two matches it was all tied up at 1-1.

For game three, Team Spirit finally banned away the Puck. Larl had just been too dominating , and they weren’t ready to let him get that champ again. In response, Larl picked up Void Spirit himself, forcing TORONTOTOKYO onto Kunkka. But a more supportive pick was right for Spirit, who again found their mid laner losing out, and their support Zeus dying on cooldown. BetBoom crushed the small lead that Spirit had gained with a series of catches, But forced into fighting, it was Spirit who came out on top, using crucial buybacks to stem the bleeding.

Ultimately though, Team Spirit was able to finally siege down and take out BetBoom, but not before almost an hour had passed. An incredible game to wrap up the division. The biggest takeaway from this: Larl is really good. The Mid laner stood out as the start of BetBoom in this series, and will hopefully manage to lead his team to greatness in the upcoming regional qualifiers.

With the win, Team Spirit move to 6-1 and will definitely be headed to the Arlington Major. Natus Vincere and Outsiders, who are both on 5-1 and play their final games tomorrow are still locked in no matter the result. BetBoom needed to win this game against Team Spirit, and have one of those two teams lose on July 15 to force a tiebreakers. As it stands, the only possible tie breaker now will see Mind Games, Pari Parni, and Rune Eaters battle it out to avoid relegations. And that all hangs on whether Outsiders defeat Mind Games in the final regular match of the tour.

Michael Hassall  ESPORTS.GG  2022-07-14 04:55:00
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