Vexana and Faramis get emergency buffs after underperforming in patch 1.6.94

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Jul 14

Players were excited when patch 1.6.94 finally hit the live Mobile Legends: Bang Bang servers, as it finally gave Vexana and Faramis, two heroes who were out of the meta for the longest time, a much-needed revamp.

However, things didn’t go as expected after the patch rolled out last month. Both heroes had less than 50% win rate in all ranks, according to MLBB stats. Despite a sharp increase in pick rate of these two heroes in the first week, they are now rarely seen at all ranks.

Since the heroes of Necrokeep were underperforming, Moonton decided to roll out some adjustments that will hopefully bolster their win rates.

Passive – Nether Touch

Skill 1 – Deathly Grasp

Ultimate – Eternal Guard

Skill 1 – Shadow Stampede

Skill 2 – Ghost Bursters

Ultimate – Cult Altar

The biggest change to Vexana in this rollout is her ultimate, Eternal Guard. Initially, it was easy to run away from her Undead Knight. Its attack animation was also easy to dodge. The increased attack and movement speed will definitely give Undead Knight a fighting chance.

Faramis also received a big improvement to his ultimate, Cult Altar. The ultimate will now give nearby allies an extra 400 HP at max level, on top of resurrection.

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Jules Elona  ONEESPORTS  2022-07-13 14:55:00
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