Astralis blameF ahead of IEM Cologne: “We are in a bit of an upswing”

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Jul 06

After a series of relatively disappointing performances, Astralis secured top 4 placements in their last two tournaments. The team is far from its optimal performance but the recent results have provided a confidence boost to the players said Astralis blameF in the press conference today.

For many fans, the team’s performance at IEM Dallas was below expectations. Despite not having a great year, fans are always cheering for their favorite players to improve. But Dallas saw Astralis crash out in the 9-12th place, winning just one series against ENCORE ESC. The team went into internal discussions after the event focusing on what can be improved. 

There were slight changes to the role, some mid-round movements and positions. But the impact is clearly visible as Astralis, in their last two events finished top 4. And with these changes, the players are feeling much more comfortable and confident. When asked about the ‘role-changes’ on the team, Astralis gave his thoughts on the recent changes. 

Farlig has been the newest addition to the Astralis player roster. The 23-year-old Dane has been a marked improvement for Astralis with a 1.11 K/D in the last three months. But he’s not done yet. 

Glaive led Astralis through one of the most dominant periods in Counter-Strike Global offensive history. The Astralis roster feat. some of the now Vitality players and coach dominated the CS: GO scene with their precise strategies and ‘perfect’ gameplay. 

Recently the CSPPA announced the dates for the 2023 player break. The tweet saw some surprised reactions from players some of whom had no idea about this decision. 

Speaking on the player break happening before the CS: GO Major, Gla1ve provided some more context on the situation

“The CSPPA thing was just that they asked people when did they want the date, if they were OK with the new dates. And everyone that actually answered the question was saying Yes. And a lot of people were not agreeing that they should change the dates but they didn’t answer the question. So it just got changed, it was a huge mess. And I don’t know what is going to happen with that.“

IEM Cologne, the Cathedral of Counter Strike is one of the biggest tournaments in the CS: GO calendar year. This year’s event has 24 teams with a million dollar prize pool. Sixteen teams start in the play-in stage with eight moving ahead to the Group stage. 

“I think Cloud9 showed that they were a really strong team at Dallas. They could do it again, but of course we have some other really strong teams here with FaZe and Navi. Those three are probably the favorites. Navi just won the BLAST tournament even though they are playing with a new player. Cloud9 also won a big tournament. So I think both of them, a bit more than FaZe, are looking good for the tournament.”

Image Credit: Astralis.

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