Jungle Rafaela? BTK’s MobaZane dominates ranked match with surprising off-meta pick

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Jun 30

Michael “MobaZane” Cosgun has found a way to make Jungle Rafaela work.

BTK’s jungler is better known for using marksman heroes such as Yi Sun-Shin and Granger in ranked and competitive play, even though the current meta favors tank heroes going to the jungle.

But instead of adhering to the meta and mastering tank heroes like most jungler players, MobaZane decided to lock in Rafaela in the jungle.

Rafaela is a great support hero who can boost movement speed and heal allies. She also has team fight capabilities with her ultimate, Holy Baptism, which stuns enemies in a straight line. However, she lacks damage and is vulnerable against heroes who have bursting capabilities.

But MobaZane made the hero work in one of his ranked matches. In a live stream highlight video posted on his YouTube page, the 20-year-old played Jungle Rafaela as a result of popular demand from his viewers.

He immediately proved why he’s the best jungler in North America, dominating the early game against a Jungle Balmond. He had a stellar 3/0/4 KDA 10 minutes into the game, securing two of three Turtle buffs.

He was practically unkillable after completing two of his core items, Enchanted Talisman and Thunder Belt, and his team eventually took the match with a kill score of 26-14. Zane was also the MVP of the game with a 4/1/20 KDA.

Before picking Rafaela in the jungle role, it’s advisable that you team up with your friends to avoid confusion from your unsuspecting teammates.

Other players might still go with Retribution even though you already said that you’ll be playing Jungle. They might even suspect you of trolling and report you afterward if you lose.

With her lack of damage, it’s also important that your roamer can deal a ton of damage and have at least one stun skill. Heroes such as Jawhead, Ruby, and Franco are great choices if you are playing Rafaela.

The only problem Rafaela will have is her clear speed in the first five minutes. But once she has Enchanted Talisman and at least one magic damage item, she’ll be able to help immensely in team fights and pickoffs.

Overall, Jungle Rafaela is a great pick if you are playing with your friends and they know what the game plan is. She might not have the same killing potential as other jungle heroes, but her support and healing skills more than make up for it.

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Jules Elona  ONEESPORTS  2022-06-30 10:47:00
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