KarlTzy spent ₱100,000 on a game that’s not Mobile Legends — and he’s so good, he could even go pro

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Mar 22

Renowned two-time M-Series champion and ECHO jungler Karl “KarlTzy” Nepomuceno is not only dominating the mobile gaming scene but also making significant strides in the FPS world.

KarlTzy’s accolades in the MLBB scene, which includes numerous championships and awards, have earned him a place in the MPL PH Hall of Legends.

His spectacular performance in the M2 World championship made him the Finals MVP and was given the honor of having his signature hero, Lancelot, be picked for the championship skin.

In a recent interview during the first week of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Philippines Season 13 (MPL PH Season 13), he shared fascinating insights into his gaming journey, shedding light on his experiences and expenditures.

During a post-game press conference, KarlTzy was asked about how he manages his winnings from becoming an MLBB pro.

He revealed his deep involvement in Valorant, mentioning that he has spent a substantial amount in the game, totaling to ₱100,000 (US$1,800).

ONE Esports spoke to him in an exclusive interview after to find out more. According to the ECHO jungler, amidst the rigorous training sessions, competitive MLBB matches, and intense scrims, he finds solace and relaxation in playing Valorant.

He explained that the FPS PC shooter helps him unwind after demanding MLBB training sessions.

KarlTzy plays Valorant not just as a solo endeavor but also as a social activity. He frequently plays with his girlfriend and a close-knit group of friends, highlighting the communal and enjoyable aspects of his in-game experiences.

Despite his busy schedule and being a pro player in another esports title the two-time world champion has achieved a rank that’s tough to beat even for most players.

He proudly mentioned reaching the prestigious rank of Immortal 2 in the game, he told ONE Esports.

Beyond his gaming achievements, his team, including his manager and coach, plays a pivotal role in guiding him not only in strategic gameplay but also in financial management.

They emphasize the importance of responsible spending and wise investment decisions.

His advice to fellow gamers resonates with a balanced approach to gaming and financial responsibility. “My advice to those who spend too much in gaming is to reduce your in-game purchases,” said the MLBB champion.

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