Mobile Legends Masha guide: Best build, skills, emblem, combos

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Mar 22

Bestowed with the Beast Power of the Bear King, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang fighter Masha vows to protect the Northern Vale and unleash her wrath on those who invade her land.

Masha’s abilities revolve around her unparalleled strength and vitality. She has a unique mechanic that divides her HP into three bars, and can use her health to cast her skills.

This system allows for aggressive yet strategic gameplay. More than that, this allows her to be one of the most effective split-push heroes in the game.

In this ONE Esports guide, we dive into the Wild-oats Fist’s abilities, strategies, and the best build so you can maximize her potential.

Blessed by the Bear King, Masha has three HP bars and won’t die until all of them are depleted. She can also ignore an instance of damage each time she loses an HP bar.

When Masha only has two HP bars left, skills will require only half of their original HP cost to cast.

When Masha only has one BP bar left, she doesn’t need to spend HP to cast skills.

Passive: Masha gains Power of the Wild which causes her Basic Attacks to deal extra Physical Damage equal to a certain percentage of the target’s Max HP.

Active: Masha spends a percentage of her HP to gain Movement Speed. She also increases the extra Physical Damage from Power of the Wild based on the target’s Max HP, and gains extra Attack Speed for her next couple of Basic Attacks.

Masha expends a percentage of her HP to roar at enemies, dealing Physical Damage to enemies hit and reducing their Attack Speed for a duration.

Masha expends a percentage of her HP to lunge at an enemy hero, dealing Physical Damage and knocking back nearby enemies for a quick duration.

The target will also be slowed for a few seconds. Masha is immune to control effects during the charge. The cooldown of this skill will be reset each time Masha loses an HP bar.

Both Retribution and Sprint play into Masha’s strengths by bolstering her jungling efficiency and mobility, respectively.

When played as a jungler, Retribution accelerates her growth and ability to secure objectives. Take the Ice Retribution blessing as it allows you to steal movement speed from your target depending on your level for several seconds, making you agile while slowing them down.

If played as an EXP laner, Sprint is the best battle spell option.

Whether it’s closing the gap to engage an enemy, escaping from a sticky situation, or moving quickly between lanes to apply pressure, Sprint enhances your presence across the map.

Fatal, Seasoned Hunter, and Lethal Ignition can maximize your ability to take objectives and control the map.

Given that Masha’s playstyle heavily relies on dealing Physical Damage, Fatal directly complements this by increasing her damage output. The increased damage also helps in securing objectives.

Seasoned Hunter is another talent that aligns perfectly with Masha’s kit. The bonus damage to the Turtle and Lord helps you to take down objectives faster and dominate the map battle.

Finally, Lethal Ignition adds an extra layer to your offense. When equipped, it scorches enemies over a few seconds after you deal damage to heroes with skills or Basic Attacks.

This is especially useful for finishing off opponents who might otherwise escape with a sliver of health.

After boots, getting Corrosion Scythe is a priority when playing Masha as a jungler. It provides you with additional attack speed and a unique passive that slows enemies, making it easier for you to stick to targets and land more hits.

For your second item, go for Malefic Roar. It significantly increases Masha’s ability to deal with tanky heroes and structures. The Physical Penetration boost is key for mid-game skirmishes and for pushing lanes effectively.

Building Rose Gold Meteor next adds a layer of survivability while still increasing Masha’s damage. It provides a balance of Physical Attack, magic resistance, and a shield when her health drops below a certain threshold.

As you transition into the late game, purchase Blade of Despair. It gives Masha a significant power spike as it dramatically increases your damage output.

Finally, get Sea Halberd so you can deal with regeneration-based heroes better. In metas where sustain and healing are prevalent, the item’s passive reduces the effectiveness of healing on your targets.

Masha is a versatile fighter capable of adapting to various roles within a team.

Whether you’re split-pushing, hunting down enemy heroes, or contesting objectives, understanding and maximizing her skills can lead to dominating performances on the battlefield.

Always remember, the key to mastering Masha lies in managing her health bars effectively and choosing the right moments to engage or retreat.

Focus on split pushing and securing objectives like turrets and the Lord. Her ability to rapidly deplete turret health bars makes her an invaluable asset in applying pressure across the map.

In team fights, aim to flank the enemy backline, targeting vulnerable heroes with your burst damage. Use Wild Power to close the gap, then activate Howl Shock to slow them down. Swipe at your targets with the enhanced Basic Attacks then activate Thunderclap to finish.

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