Entire Vietnam League of Legends esports’ future uncertain due to alleged violations

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Mar 18

The VCS Spring 2024 tournament has hit a pause, with all remaining matches being postponed indefinitely.

This decision was made by the VCS management following concerns about the integrity of the competition, prompting an investigation into all eight participating teams: Cerberus, GAM Esports, MGN Blue Esports, Rainbow Warriors, Team Flash, Team Secret, Team Whales, and Vikings Esports.

All remaining group stage matches have been canceled, and the results of matches held on March 14, 2024, specifically those involving MGN Blue Esports and Team Whales, and Vikings Esports and Cerberus, have been declared void and will not be factored into the final standings.

The VCS organizers have decided to determine the group stage rankings based on the results up to the end of week 7 on March 10, 2024.

These rankings also dictate which teams advance to the playoffs.

“The organizers always appreciate the integrity in the competition of VCS and absolutely does not tolerate any action that affects the fairness of competition,” VCS said in an official statement as translated by ONE Esports.

In esports, a breach of integrity refers to any action or behavior that undermines the fairness, honesty, or legitimacy of competitive gaming. This can include a wide range of unethical or unsportsmanlike conduct, including cheating, match-fixing, doping, collusion, exploiting bugs or glitches, or using unauthorized software or equipment.

The VCS has not yet revealed details about the investigations, nor have they named the teams or players directly involved in the incident at the time of writing.

The VCS Spring 2024 marks the first split of Vietnam’s fully professional League of Legends league as an independent region. The tournament was in its seventh week of competition, nearing the playoffs before the interruption.

As a result of these developments, the VCS Spring 2024 finals has been postponed until further notice.

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Kristine "Kurisu" Tuting  ONEESPORTS  2024-03-18 17:25:00
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