Want a shortcut to victory? Buy these 3 best items for Chip in Mobile Legends

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Mar 16

The arrival of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang tank hero Chip is reshaping the strategic landscape of the game.

He has a unique blend of mobility, sustain, and team fight control which opens a lot of ways on how roamers and initiators can play their roles.

Most notably, his ultimate, Shortcut, deploys a portal on top of an enemy hero, which after a delay, slows and damages nearby enemies.

This portal mechanic not only facilitates ganks but also allows for quick regroups for devastating team fights.

While his skill kit readily makes him a dependable hero pick, there are items in the game that can amplify his overall impact. The best items that you can buy for Chip boost his durability and empower his utility.

With the Movement Speed boost and the reduction of the enemy’s Attack Speed and Critical Strike chance, Dominance Ice is perfectly suited for Chip’s roaming playstyle.

Equipped on the hero, it allows you to move across the battlefield with ease to initiate team fights. Moreover, the mana and Physical Defense provided enhance your sustainability and durability during skirmishes.

When you dash into the fray with Crash Course, Dominance Ice not only ensures that you can soak the enemy’s Physical Damage, but you also reduce their shield and regeneration thanks to the item’s passive, Lifebane.

Magic Damage can be a bane for heroes like Chip who thrive in close combat.

Athena’s Shield offers the perfect solution by providing a hefty Magic Resistance and a passive shield that regenerates every few seconds.

This item is particularly useful when facing teams with high burst Magic Damage, enabling you to withstand initial onslaughts and continue your disruptive maneuvers.

Whether it’s engaging with his ultimate, Shortcut, to slow enemies and set up kills, or using his mobility to evade and re-engage, Athena’s Shield ensures you remain a persistent threat on the battlefield.

The crux of Chip’s utility lies in his ability to manipulate the battlefield with his ultimate, Shortcut. Fleeting Time synergizes perfectly with this aspect by reducing the cooldown of his ultimate for every assist or kill he participates in.

This means more portals, more opportunities for surprise attacks, and more chances for your team to regroup and strike.

The ability to frequently deploy Main Portals not only enhances Chip’s strategic value but also keeps the enemy team guessing and unable to settle into a comfortable rhythm.

Fleeting Time transforms Chip into a master tactician, allowing players to exploit openings and lead their teams to devastating fights.

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Calvin Trilles  ONEESPORTS  2024-03-15 12:53:00
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