New to the game? Start strong with these 5 best MLBB heroes for beginners

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Mar 15

Choosing the right heroes to purchase and learn is critical if you want to get good at Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Outside of being easy to use, playing the best MLBB heroes for beginners allows you to explore the game’s fundamentals and different playstyles.

However, with an ever-growing hero pool, this can be tough to crack.

In this ONE Esports guide, we compiled a list of beginner-friendly heroes in MLBB outside of the usual starter heroes, so you can master the basics without having to deal with complex mechanics.

Balmond is a fighter/tank with the ability to recover health with each minion and hero kill. This allows for sustained presence in battles, making him forgiving for new players who might still be mastering positioning and combat tactics.

His straightforward skill set ensures that you can contribute effectively to team fights from the get-go, making him one of the best beginner-friendly heroes in MLBB.

Vexana is a mage with straightforward, yet potent abilities. Her skill set focuses on area control and high burst damage, ideal for newcomers wanting to see magic power without the complexity.

Mastering Vexana’s positioning and timing can lead to devastating effects on the battlefield, teaching beginners the importance of strategic play.

Saber shines as the go-to assassin for new players, offering a balance between agility and damage.

His high burst damage and the utility of his ultimate, Triple Sweep, for targeting key opponents make him one of the best MLBB heroes for beginners.

Saber’s gameplay introduces beginners to the fast-paced, hit-and-run tactics essential for an assassin, all while maintaining a level of simplicity conducive to learning.

If you’re inclined towards a support role, Diggie offers a unique blend of crowd control and ally buffs.

Diggie’s skills focus on disrupting enemy movement and protecting his teammates, crucial aspects of the support role. Even when eliminated, he can still provide vision for his team due to his passive, Young Again.

His playful yet effective abilities make him among the best MLBB heroes for beginners keen on improving team dynamics.

Marksmen are supposed to deal sustained damage from a safe distance and carry the team in the late game. Lesley is one of the best MLBB heroes for beginners attracted to this role.

Her ability to blend invisibility with critical hits offers a unique learning curve that balances positioning with aggression.

As a sniper, Lesley teaches new players the importance of target prioritization and timing, essential skills for anyone looking to excel in the marksman role.

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Calvin Trilles  ONEESPORTS  2024-03-14 14:06:00
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