League of Legends pro fined for wearing Crocs — brand responds with genius marketing move

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Mar 15

When League of Legends esports players decide to slip into a pair of comfy Crocs, things get frisky.

During the second match of the final League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) Spring 2024 Split Super Week, 100 Thieves top laner Rayan “Sniper” Shoura received a fine for wearing a pair of Crocs sandals on stage.

This breach of the uniform policy led to a US$5,000 fine for both Sniper and the LCS team.

Despite the penalty, the team remained undeterred in their love for the footwear.

On the last day of the LCS Spring 2024 regular season, the entire 100T player roster appeared in their match against NRG, all sporting closed-toed Crocs slip-ons.

“Is that a Crocs protest?” one of the casters humorously remarked.

Shortly after this incident, 100T and Crocs announced a new partnership.

Kicking off the collaboration, the footwear brand covers Sniper’s fine and gifts 10 pairs of their classic foam footwear to lucky LoL Esports fans in the United States.

“We are proud to announce our partnership with Crocs, an iconic footwear brand in culture,” the organization said in an official statement. “This collaboration comes on the heels of Riot Games’ fining 100T and Sniper.”

This wasn’t the first time the brand caught the attention of Riot Games.

In 2022, mid laner Joseph “Jojopyun” Pyun and jungler Kacper “Inspired” Słoma faced a wardrobe violation for wearing Crocs on stage during the League of Legends World Championship 2022 (Worlds 2022).

According to the official Worlds 2022 rulebook, players are required to wear their official team uniforms during matches and related interviews, as well as pants and closed-toe shoes.

The rubber clogs craze extended beyond League of Legends into Riot Games’ other esports title, Valorant.

During Champions 2022, OpTic Gaming’s Jimmy “Marved” Nguyen made waves by sporting Crocs not just to the venue but also during walkouts and official matches on stage.

The footwear brand gained popularity for its unique appearance and functionality, offering a wide range of styles and colors for various activities and occasions.

While initially targeted toward boating and outdoor activities, the brand has transcended its original niche market and become a popular choice for everyday wear, casual outings, and even professional settings for some individuals.

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