Mobile Legends patch 1.8.66: Every buff, nerf, update, and revamp

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Mar 15

Moonton Games has rolled out Mobile Legends: Bang Bang patch 1.8.66.

This update introduces Chip, a new support hero, and changes to more than 20 heroes, particularly gold laners.

Furthermore, it brings battlefield changes, specifically targeting attack speed and tower mechanics for Mythic ranked games and above.

Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of the features included in this latest patch.

Chip overcharges his hovercraft and rams it into the ground, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies and applying a mark to enemy heroes hit.

He will gain a shield if this skill hits an enemy hero, and each additional hero hit strengthens the shield.

His next basic attack also becomes ranged and will hit all nearby enemies that have a mark, which will in turn detonate the marked enemy to deal magic damage and briefly stun the target.

He starts gaining movement speed. After reaching the maximum speed, he will maintain it for a brief period.

His next Basic Attack will also cause him to charge at the target, dealing magic damage and knocking them back slightly.

Chip deploys a portal on top of an enemy hero, dealing magic damage and slowing them. After a delay, this Main Portal will deal Magic Damage to nearby enemies and slow them.

The Main Portal inherits a percentage of his HP. At the same time, Connecting Portals will be created next to allied heroes and behind the allied base.

Passive – Ancient Strength

Skill 1 – Wild Power

Skill 2 – Howl Shock

Skill 3 – Thunderclap

Ultimate – Life Recovery

Skill 1 – Cosmetic Lance

Skill 2 – Spiral Strangling

Skill 2- Jab

Passive – Malefic Gun

Skill 2 – Arrow of Eclipse


Passive – Theory of Everything

Skill 1 – Superposition

Ultimate – Entropy?

Ultimate –  Ougi Shadow Kill

Skill 1 –  Deathly Grasp

Skill 2 –  Cursed Blast

Skill 2 –  Spatial Migration

Skill 1 –  Auto Alarm Bomb


In this patch, we have optimized the growth of attack speed by removing the attack speed threshold limitation, and now every 1% of attack speed will result in an actual attack speed gain.

With this optimization, the growth of attack speed will be smoother instead of abruptly changing after reaching a certain attack speed.

This also solves the problem of some heroes gaining 5.0 attack speed at 4.0 attack speed in the panel.

Gold lane outer turret


Unique Passive – Endless Strike

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