“It’s more easy. You feel more freedom”: S1mple on electronic’s leadership style

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Jun 29

Navi has become the first team to reach the BLAST Premier Spring Finals grand finals. The team marched onto the Grand finals after an impressive 2-1 victory over OG in the semifinals. Even though OG is out of the tournament, their performance at this event, with a stand-in is nothing short of impressive. 

In the post-game interview, S1mple highlighted some of the electronic’s leadership style. 

“It’s more easy. You feel more freedom. Sometimes I just ask and tell electronic what I think we should do. I just play some other spot, an improvised spot,” S1mple said about electronic’s leadership style.

OG were the clear underdogs in this series as they were playing with a stand-in and were up against the world’s best team in Navi. However, despite being the clear underdogs, OG put up a valiant fight taking Navi to three maps in the series. 

Navi started the series with a 5-2 score, taking the aggression to OG. However, towards the latter half of the first half, OG found stability in their defense. Unfortunately, it seemed to be too little too late on Dust 2.

When the teams switched sides, OG had no reply for Navi’s defense. OG only managed to win two rounds on their T-side, but overall it was a map that OG players would love to forget. 

But Dust 2 was Navi’s pick. As we move to Inferno, OG were on home turf, albeit against one of the best teams in the game. Their best chance was on Inferno and they managed to showcase their talent on Inferno.

A strong start on their T-start saw OG take off with a 6-1 lead. The impressive start was particularly impressive considering how badly they lost to Navi on Dust 2.

Inferno went to the brink as Navi’s T side challenged OG’s dominance. As OG’s lead started vanishing, it was evident that Navi were finding the weakness in OG’s defense. However, just as the two teams were on the 30th round, with OG leading 15-14, OG found the win on the last round.

On Inferno, degster, the team’s stand-in for this tournament was impressive. With 26 kills, a 1.31 rating, degster showed everyone why he is worth of earning his spot on a tier 1 CS: GO team. 

Despite losing the series, degster was extremely positive and was focusing on what they can learn from the loss. 

You understand why you lost, what you need to do, you just fix the mistakes and be ready for the next tournament to show yourself in another level of competitive Counter-strike. 

The final map of Mirage worked very similar to Dust 2. The two teams were very competitive in the first half with Navi on the terrorist side. However, once Navi went on the defensive, OG could not find a way in through. Navi won Mirage with a 16-10 score, and the series 2-1. 

The final map showcased exactly the type of IGL electronic is. The youngster has taken over the IGL role after Boombi4 parted ways with the team. However, despite being the IGL, electronic has not shied away from fragging and even topping the scoreboard whenever he can. He finished Mirage with 35 kills, including a flamboyant quad kill in the final round of the series. S1mple and electronic topped the scoreboard for Navi.

He finished the final map with a 114.8 ADR. He was a big reason for Navi’s dominance on the CT side. In fact, on the CT side, he had a 160 ADR and a rating of 3.06. 

Navi will face the winner of G2 esports and Vitality in the Grand finals. 

Rohan  ESPORTS.GG  2022-06-18 03:06:00
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