100T FBI: “I think we just learned a lot from the Korean teams, just how they play and move as a unit”

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Jun 29

Always looking to learn from mistakes and improve, 100T FBI is looking to improve the team’s 2-1 score after Week 1. 100Thieves lost to EG in their second match of the LCS, but it’s a learning experience as they aim for the Split title. Esports.gg’s Piratechnics caught up with 100T FBI after their match against Evil Geniuses. The bot laner talks about the match, the current meta and their bootcamp in Korea.

Pira: This was a rematch of the finals. It was a very close game until it was over. Unfortunately, you couldn’t pull the win out. But you still have a pretty respectable start at 1-1. How is the mood in the 100Thieves camp?

100T FBI: Personally, I’m feeling a bit disappointed and angry. I think the game that we just played, we made a lot of fundamental mistakes. There weren’t really any egregious mistakes but macro and teamfighting that we shouldn’t have been making. I really want to get that one back.

Pira: Well you’re going to get a chance to rematch later in this Split. But it did feel like you might have an axe to grind because of what happened in the Spring Finals. Did this particular game carry a lot of weight for you guys prepping this week?

100T FBI: Not particularly. I think at the end of the days, best-of-ones are hard to have some sort of special feeling attached, at least for me personally. But definitely this game specifically did ignite some of those emotions because of what happened last split. So it’s a bit of a shame that we were defeated today.

Pira: You mentioned a lot of fundamental mistakes, macro and micro stuff that you can pinpoint. Obviously, in the moment it’s still very fresh. Do you want to go into detail some of those things, identifying places you guys can improve going forward?

100T FBI: I think we just didn’t really respect their timers too well especially in their early game. In the mid game, I made a few rotational errors as well that kind of cost us pretty big in the grand scheme of things. 

Just teamfighting in general can always be improved on but I think we played them pretty poorly.

Pira: I know historically you have been a pretty self-critical player. When you guys have been winning, you always find things you can improve on. Do you think this loss early on helps the team improve as the split goes on. Do you think it’s better to have the loss early so you can improve?

100T FBI: Definitely. As cliche as it sounds, you definitely do learn more after a loss than a victory. So we’re going to be taking this one and really working on a lot of things that this game exposed to us. Personally, my play in the game wasn’t that great as well, so I’ll be looking at that also.

Pira: I do want to talk a bit about how the meta shifted as well. Especially for the bot lane with all these durability changes. Is this something that you like, that you maybe wish could be a little bit different? What is your read on the way the meta is especially with regards to bot laners?

100T FBI: Personally, I like the meta champions at the moment. I haven’t really noticed too much about the durability patch honestly. Only in the early game it’s fairly noticeable where some Q angles you can’t really find anymore. But in the mid-late game, I feel like everyone is still one-shotting everyone. Nothing too much of a change there. I like the Champion pool in the meta at the moment. 

Pira: Getting to play stuff like Kai’sa is always a little bit fun. Having that level of comfort, having that level of excitement is always good. I do want to talk about the expectations that a lot of people have for your team. Despite EG winning the Spring Split, a lot of analysts have put 100T of their predictions. You were the winners bracket coming into those finals – How do you feel about those predictions in light of having just lost and in your words, made a number of mistakes. 

100T FBI: I never really paid too much attention to those sorts of things. I would say that we’re feeling very very confident internally within the team. I think we’re making strides in terms of improvement. 

Hopefully, we can show that in the next time versus EG and further games to come.

Pira: I know you had a little bit of time in the offseason to work on some of those fundamental things and maybe it didn’t all show today. What was the team’s focus in your time off between Spring and summer split?

100T FBI: For the team, especially after the finals, where we just wanted to let the team have a break, I think most of us went home. We just chilled out for a bit.

We went to Korea for the bootcamp which was pretty fun. I always enjoy playing the Korean server and just the feel in Korea is great. So it was a lot of fun. We scrim and learn a lot. I think this bootcamp we improved a lot mentally.

Pira: Fantastic. Are there any particular players you learned a lot from over there? 

100T FBI: I wouldn’t say a particular player. I think we just learned a lot from the Korean teams, just how they play and move as a unit. The sort of plans and plays that they make in the early game seem very well coordinated, so we try to take a note from that.

Pira: Bringing it back to NA as well, I know there are a couple of changes to the bot lane. Some of them are temporary – potentially. Good to see a former OCE player over here in King on Cloud9 for now. What do you think of some of the returning players, Stixxay I know you’ll be facing him in the following week. Overall a crop of bot lanes that you have to face off against in the LCS this Split? 

100T FBI: It is pretty interesting to see how a lot of old faces return. But I think the AD pool is pretty similar to last year. I expect that myself, Danny, Berserker and Hans Sama will be at the top.

piratechnics  ESPORTS.GG  2022-06-23 12:11:00
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